Our readers are of all ages but majority are aged between 16-30 years old. Heavily involved in the music scene, our readers are constantly going to shows, clubs, music venues and festivals.

The typical OZ EDM reader stays well ahead of music, with most users active on several social networking sites.

Here are some things we do everyday:

  • Music previews, releases and distribution
  • Event promotion, giveaways and ticket sales
  • Media partnerships and sponsored content creation
  • Blog outreach and content distribution
  • Social media marketing campaign creation

The site receives approx. 80% of visits from within Australia, with 90% of these from Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Our site is open for advertising the following categories:

  • Music
  • Nightlife (Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants, Events, Concerts)
  • Fashion
  • Alcohol
  • Fitness
  • Festivals
  • Fashion
  • Technology

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