Exclusive Artist Interview: Monoverse

At the age of 23, Santos Torres is a young and promising musician, better known to the trance and progressive communities as Monoverse. Starting out in a collaborative project known as “Adastra”, Santos was able to fine tune his skills as both a producer and DJ. Moving forward as a solo artist, Santos took onContinue Reading…

July 30, 2014

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Exclusive Artist Interview: tyDi

Leading Australian DJ, producer and songwriter, tyDi, is back in Australia this July / August as part of his Homecoming Tour. After relocating to the USA, the classically trained musical mastermind and SOL REPUBLIC Savior of Sound is set to embark on an explosive run of shows across the east coast. We had the luckyContinue Reading…

July 17, 2014


OZ EDM’s Best Of Instagram: Ultra Europe

OZ EDM is bringing you the ‘Best of Instagram’ feature that showcases our favorite posts from our favorite DJs on Instagram; this edition is from the Ultra Europe festival. Scroll through the best shots, selected by our team and take a look at some behind-the-scenes iPhone shots from the stage headliners. “Before the RAMPAGE!!! #edcukContinue Reading…

July 14, 2014

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15 Must See Acts At Splendour In The Grass 2014

If you’ve looked at the lineup for this year’s Splednour in The Grass, you may be a bit overwhelmed at the sheer amount of great acts the festival has to offer. We have sifted through the lineup to bring you our 15 must see acts, from heavyweights Outkast and London Grammar through to newcomers likeContinue Reading…

June 11, 2014


EDMX App Will Change Your Festival Experience

As the use of mobile devices are than ever, festival apps are becoming somewhat the norm and essential facilitators to the festival experience. Each app comprises of the basics: lineup, schedule, artist profile maps, videos etc. While each app is usually well designed, it generally lacks efficiency and limits the potential of what a festivalContinue Reading…

June 4, 2014


10 Ways to Discover New Music In 2014

Only a few years ago, dance music blogs were focused on discovery and promotion for new artists. Now many have evolved into “online magazines” covering the entire scene and culture surrounding it. We post a healthy mix of news, features, editorials and music here on OZ EDM, but for those looking for more music thanContinue Reading…

May 29, 2014


How Music Festivals Have Changed The Industry

With music festivals most notorious inception in 1969, the Woodstock Music & Art Fair changed the course of live music events. In terms of crowd, artists and production, it was the first of its kind and paved the way for many future music festivals to come. Glastonbury was founded in 1970, Lollapalooza in 1991, Big DayContinue Reading…

May 15, 2014


Why DJs Wear Masks

In the growing industry of Electronic Dance Music, it seems that more and more artists are using masks to not only enhance their stage show but add some type of branding to their name. When a DJ steps up onstage, they’re ready to give a performance. They’re prepared to become someone else and put onContinue Reading…

May 12, 2014


10 Albums To Hear In 2014

The Prodigy It’s been six years since rave kings The Prodigy release the chart-topping Invaders Must Die. For nearly two years now, Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim Reality have been working hard on their sixth studio album How to Steal a Jet Fighter. After debuting a a new track titled ‘The Day’ at Warrior’sContinue Reading…

April 18, 2014


5 Vegas Clubs You Need To Attend

With more and more people heading to Las Vegas to experience an over-the-top holiday escape, OZ EDM has compiled a list of the clubs you should visit during your stay. These days, what happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas. With large numbers of west-coast residents heading to Vegas for wild weekends, the riseContinue Reading…

April 14, 2014


10 Best Moments Of Ultra Miami 2014

Ultra Music Festival 2014 is officially over, but the memories are still alive. With the UMF live stream breaking records and the event and its performers trending worldwide on Twitter and Facebook, picking the ten best moments of the festival seems impossible but we have managed to compile our list based upon our favorites andContinue Reading…

April 14, 2014


15 Songs to Ease You Into EDM

As the most highly criticized genre in music today, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is often the choice of music discussion which usually ends in an argument. These arguments usually run along the lines of ‘electronic artists do not play traditional instruments, therefore they do not deserve to be labeled as real musicians’. Converting an EDMContinue Reading…

April 14, 2014


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