Lucii - 10 EDM Artists To Watch In 2021 - OZ EDM

Extraterrestrial producer and songstress Lucii is a cornerstone of Liquid Stranger’s WAKAAN shop. They psy-bass DJ is known for her alien sound design, wicked drops, and down-to-earth nature, and these days, Lucii’s kaleidoscopic creativity is just beginning to blast off.

Otherwise known as Emily Rose, Lucii is an otherworldly creator of a unique genera called Space Bass. She has already brought her intergalactic sound to this world through festival sets of Pass the Good, Fractal Beach, and many more. Her signature style has already seen her accepted and loved by the likes of Yheti, Liquid Stranger, Conrank, The Widdler, Clozee and many more. She landed in 2017, but her music is here to stay until the Earth is no more, where it then will return to the cosmos.