Winslow - 10 EDM Artists To Watch In 2021 - OZ EDM

Duncan Winslow aka Winslow isn’t your typical drum & bass figure, for several reasons. First off, he’s based in St. Louis, Missouri out in the American Midwest, an area of the world more known for its wide open spaces than its drum & bass. He’s also unique in that you might know him not from his music but his YouTube channel, on which he uploads a litany of detailed, drum & bass orientated learning resources focused on understanding the ‘why’ of production, not the ‘how’.

Whilst his YouTube channel is where the recognition started, he’s begun to pick up steam in the doing of music, rather than the showing. With hit singles released last year on Mitekiss and Mr Porter’s Goldfat Records and a track on the recent Headsbass Beats In Mind VA album, Duncan is consistently proving to us that his distance from the usual 174bpm hunting grounds can help create a uniqueness, an individuality.

Winslow got some well-deserved recognition toward the end of 2020, when UKF began to catch wind of the stateside drum & bass producer’s penchant for delivering some of the most soulful liquid drum & bass in recent memory. A multitude of his tracks were subsequently uploaded to the channel, but a true standout was Winslow‘s release on Goldfat Records, “Mumbles Of Grace.” He’s currently on a hot streak with releases that hopefully won’t slow down anytime soon.