Eric Prydz


Between concepts like EPIC and HOLO, Eric Prydz has demonstrated a long track record of pairing his music with envelope-pushing production values. For close to ten years, Eric Prydz and his production team have been developing his “most technologically advanced” stage production to date.

The Swedish master known for his big melodic club tracks invests almost as much time (if not more) into his production as he does his music.

His EPIC live shows are the paramount of stage production in modern dance music and has gone through several incarnations since first wowing audiences.

Prydz first debuted holograms in his 2011 live shows, most notably at Global Gathering festival. Since then, his live shows have pushed the boundaries of stage design. The iconic EPIC shows featured a giant cube surrounded by a plethora of lights and lazers, complete with 3D holograms and blaring strobes.

Dazzling audiences at its debut in London’s steel yard back in 2018, the HOLO show features the most advanced 4k 3D holograms that project above the crowd. In 2019, Eric Prydz will unveil his latest show to date; EPIC: HOLOSPHERE which will take place at Tomorrowland.

“With EPIC we have always tried to push available technology to its limit, however with EPIC: HOLOSPHERE the technology was simply not available, so we have developed our own proprietary technology.” – Eric Prydz