Amon Tobin


Brazilian electronic music pioneer Amon Tobin is renowned for his experimental music and mind blowing live shows.

The Rio de Janeiro based is known as a “scientist of sound.” His music is the result of unwearying sound experiments and since the 90s he has released over ten albums later. He’s considered to be one of the most influential electronic music artists in the world and with that title comes stage production to match.

Gizmodo called it “The Concert of the Future, Today” and CHARTattack said that “it was a live show one might have said could only be created and performed by a cybernetic organism.” where “groundbreaking modeling and mapping techniques were used to take the audience at the Metropolis on a trip to dozens of worlds. … it felt like one was transported into deep space or, alternately, inside the Tron grid, a game of Tetris, an M.C. Escher painting, the fiery pits of Mordor, an acid-coloured kaleidoscope, a Splinter Cell video game…” Wired got straight to the point: “ISAM’s live show looks like a mindfuck of the highest order” with “little in the way of precedent.”