Very rarely can anyone claim that their creation is the start of something wholly new and different. When it comes to dance music, melodic ideas are regurgitated, and the same goes for the production elements in live shows. However, every so often someone does escape the boundaries of creativity, and unleashes something that steals the attention of the entire community.

Officially premiered in late 2015, the Paradox represents Excision’s third custom stage installation to date. It’s his boldest, most ambitious production undertaking, too, boasting 150,000 watts of ear-rattling PK Sound, a fully custom stage rig, impeccably synchronized lasers, lights, 3D mapping and modular, LED-based setup for some truly sick visuals and out-of-this-world animations.

“For me, spending such an insane amount of money on production every year isn’t as much a business decision as it is a creative one. I felt that we had done everything we could do with the Executioner [old stage design] and rather than do the same show for a fourth year it was time for something new. Over the last few years we’ve been tracking all of the things we wished the Executioner stage could do, and we’ve rolled every one of them into the Paradox.” – Excision