10 Things We Learned In Bloody Beetroots Reddit AMA

The man behind the infamous Bloody Beetroots, Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo took to Reddit to personally answer some fan questions recently.

With a vast range of questions submitted by fans across the globe and assured diehard fans that the everything they loved from The Bloody Beetroots is still alive and well.

Here’s 10 thins we took away from his AMA session.

1. He is HUGE car fanatic.

Q: Since you’re into cars, are you also into racing? Would The Bloody Beetroots ever play at the 24 Hours of Le Mans or at the after party for the US Grand Prix?


…and wants to be the driver for deadmau5’s coffee run.

SBCR: yes i love Joel, but i wanna drive.

…and obviously has a nice car.

SBCR: It’s a BMW 5-series but I want a smaller car so I’m getting the Mini Cooper John Cooper works – I must drive faster.


2. Every Bloody Beetroots production (yep, even WARP 1.9) was made solely by Sir Bob.

Q: My question is how important do you consider Tommy Tea to The Bloody Beetroots?

SBCR: Probably this is gonna shock you but Tommy Tea has never been in the studio with me and has never produced, written or played on any records. with me. He’s a part of the Bloody Beetroots DJ set but “The Bloody Beetroots” is my name as a producer 🙂


3. The Bloody Beetroots, as the DJ duo we are familiar with, are no more.

Q: What is Tommy Tea doing now?

SBCR: Tommy and I aren’t in touch anymore – we had a lot of fun together but I have moved on and am very focused on the music – cuz that’s what it’s all about.

… but there are still plans for The Bloody Beetroots in 2017.

SBCR: i’ll bring back the Bloody Beetroots live in 2017 and will make it better than what it is. i’m still thinking about opening my own label but i don’t want to be that artist to do it for myself. it needs to be for the artists – at the moment I don’t have a structure.


4. He is indeed bald under his mask.

Q: If you had to dye your hair, what color would it be and why?

SBCR: is skin a color?


5. He’s writing more punk music under The Bloody Beetroots moniker.

Q: My question is will you ever go back to writing punk/electronica music like you did in “HIDE”? More so like the track “Volevo Un Gatto Nero”?

SBCR: yes of course – when i have TBB back i’m going to make that kind of music. Right now I’m focusing on SBCR.


6. SBCR Vol.3 is finished.

Q: What you can say about SBCR Vol.3 and who you worked with on this EP?

SBCR: i can’t reveal anything about VOl3 but the music is ready and there will be plenty of surprises. BE READY! eat some pizza, k?


7. A guitar came first, then electronic music production.

Q: My question is how did you get started on making music? Like what program/instruments/things in general did you use, and when was it that you decided that this is what you wanted to do?

SBCR: i started studying music when i was 9 and then i got into production with cubase in 1997. I started out playing guitar because it gives you a good perspective on harmony and melody. it’s a complete instrument.


8. The “Sir” in his name is not because he was knighted by the queen.

Q: Why did you choose the name Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo?

SBCR: for many reasons – it incorporates my real name, and i’m a big fan of names. A name has to be searchable and recognizable and Cornelius is a name that is inspired by a character written by Michael Moorcock.


9. He believes the new Justice album will save the scene.

Q: Hey Bob! How do you think the new Justice album’s gonna turn out?

SBCR: i hope it’s going to be f*cking great cuz i LOVE them. we need them back to save the music!


10. He plays video games.

Q: What games you like to play?

SBCR: i like racing games like Need for Speed, The Crew or DriveClub but GTA is my favorite.

…and might play with you.

Q: Will you be doing any more gaming streams?

SBCR: yes, it’s possible – what do you suggest?

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