20 Artists To Watch in 2020




Remember when people were saying dubstep was dead? Well it’s not, and Subtronics is a perfect example as to why. See in the resurgence of dubstep, Excision, Snails and other artists who were always a part of the conversation are now at the top. Subtronics, on the other hand, represents the next generation. He started releasing dubstep back in 2014, when trap was the biggest thing in the world, but he never gave up. Hard work and persistence certainly paid off; as he’s now one of the most talked about producers in the bass music scene. His work is heavily influenced by the likes of Rusko, Skism, Tomba and Downlink, and the collective efforts of the underground dubstep community.

Gaining support from the likes of Excision, Skrillex, NGHTMRE, PhaseOne, Slander and more; 2019 has proven to be his biggest year yet – with more to come. Subtronic’s signature bouncy yet mechanical sound design is matched by his incredibly recognizable flow, setting him apart from the vast sea of up and coming producers around the world.

For Fans Of: NGHTMRE, Kill The Noise, SVDDEN DEATH, Midnight Tyrannosaurus

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