5 Must See Acts At Ultra Australia 2022


Deborah De Luca


Born under the shade of the sails of Scampia, difficult neighborhood at the periphery of Naples. Born in 1980, Deborah De Luca embarked on a career in the music world working very hard , starting as a waitress in many clubs and then as a dancer for several years.

When she was a teenager she moved to Northern Italy for the high school, started a route into the world of fashion industry studying to become a fashion designer, but soon she understands that his path was in a completely different direction, enthusiasm for the night life in the local gave her the right reason to start a journey that now counts a lot of people who appreciate her, first of all for her talent.

Her music in a few years, became a high quality brand, a good fusion of hard techno and minimal sounds without ever being common. All of this is synonymous with passion and strong personality. Today, Deborah De Luca plays all over the world and continues to produce always fresh and innovative music, although she doesn’t belong to any musical trend, but conciliates always different tastes.

Marking the return to Ultra Australia since 2020, Deborah will reunite with the Resistance stage this year and treat fans to her signature sound. Kicking off at 6pm, Deborah will perform and extended set for 2.5 hours and is expected to draw a large crowd of techno enthusiasts.

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