Brisbane Trap Duo “Dimes” is back with their explosive new EP, suitably named “No Caution”.

Following on from their last EP “Rage”, “No Caution” continues on with an exploration of in your face attitudes and slick new lyrical content contributed from power house Brisbane Rap Group “Imperial Collective”.

This latest offering will be a welcome addition to the current musical landscape, at a time when Hip Hop is more popular than ever (it’s the most listened to genre in the U.S at the moment, technically making it the new “Pop music”) “No Caution” sets out to draw the listener in, taking inspiration from J.Cole and Meek Mill and expanding on their urban sound.

When listening to “No Caution” as a whole work, you can’t help but lean into the aggressive and braggadocios vibe. The lyrical stylings provided by Brisbane rap mavens Donny Casper, Don Seu, Kei Leezer and Kavelli, Carries with it all the confidence that be expected from one of Brisbane’s up and coming Rap Groups and blend well with intricate ear for details and signature accents provided by Dimes front men Emmett Goddard and Jaiden Suarez.

In tracks like “Frontin” you are treated to a perfect example of the collaborating artists different disciplines, Dimes bringing their ability to create an expansive feel to the track that almost paints a picture of eerie suspense, while Imperial collective firmly ground the song in a no holds bar attack of cocky lyricism and punchy delivery that perfectly accentuates the rich layers of the music.

There is a definite and defined rhythm to this EP that carries through out all four tracks, the industrious sound scape partnered with the sleek urban flavours mixes successfully into a melding of disciplines and influences that is at once contradictory and at the same time cohesive.



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