Carl Cox Discusses His Eventual Retirement And The Downfall Of Ibiza

One of dance music’s most notorious DJs, Carl Cox recently sat down for an interview with The Daily Record to discuss the transformation of Ibiza with the rise of in popularity of electronic dance music.

While it was once a relatively unknown destination where punters would go predominately for the music, the popularity and the proliferation of dance music through radio stations, social media and pop culture, Ibiza has went from “its own entity to a commodity for everyone else to enjoy.”

“It’s not just me being old, Ibiza is spoilt now. You can go down to the Hard Rock Hotel and you’ve got Ushuaia with its high-end DJs, big bottle service tables and two-tier VIP areas. Everyone used to be together when they went out and on the same dancefloor.”

After hosting some of house music’s most renowned parties at the famed club Space for over fourteen years, Carl Cox noted that those who visited the island back then were able to afford a great time with their budget but now, thanks to commercialism and club improvements, the excessive prices have pushed out true fans.

“Many, many years ago this was just a tiny little place in Spain that not many people knew about. You could drive around, find a deserted part of the island and watch the sun go down on your own. What’s different now has to do with social media.”

He also touched on the topic of a possible retirement in the near future; though he’s lived a rewarding and successful life as a DJ, the 53 year-old is ready to settle down. I’m still missing out on life, a girlfriend, a family, and seeing my mum, dad, sisters, and niece.” However, the DJ still has energy left in him to continue a career, and his retirement would still mean the occasional performance but not on “a week-to-week” basis.

Cox also shed some light on the destination of his retirement, which might surprise some:  “Although I visited many cities over 
the years, I always felt like I hung out in Melbourne the most. I loved the arts and culture, there was a lot more greenery and the people are down to earth. Every time 
I go back I feel like I’m going home.”

Carl Cox will be back in the country this year as part of the Electronic Music Conference. The legendary DJ will be a keynote speaker at this year’s event. More information here.

Source: The Daily Record