Chromeo announce ‘Quarantine Casanova’ EP

Back in April, Canadian electro-funk duo Chromeo revealed to fans some fresh material via Instagram.

With global lock-down and self isolation in full force, the weeks of quarantine and social distancing have allowed the duo to continue producing new music for this unexpected time in history.

In the final days of May, the Canadian duo made the announcement that the songs would be released in an official capacity at the beginning of June in the form of an EP called “Quarantine Casanova”.

The five-track EP will kick off with the original “Clorox Wipe,” along with “6 Feet Away,” “Stay In Bed (And Do Nothing),” “‘Roni Got Me Stressed Out,” and “Cabin Fever.” In a May 22 post announcing the EP, the pair revealed that the instrumentals to the songs would also be released.

The EP will mark the first release from Chromeo since 2018’s studio album ‘Head Over Heels’ which saw worldwide success in dance and mainstream pop charts.