Conrank shares debut album “What’s A FKNG Conrank”

The full bodied, sub slapping, charged Conrank LP is here. Haemorrhaging 50hz freqs and bleeding bass pressure, Conrank is giving his army what they want, delivering his debut album, out now on Circus Records.

This album is more than a collection of songs, it’s a capsule containing all of Conrank’s fierce energy and it’s co-piloted by some absolute bass legends. Space Jesus coolly navigates from the cockpit on the face melting “Meatball Parm.” The godfather of Freeform Bass, Space Jesus has a rich heritage including huge sound-defining collaborations with Liquid Stranger on Wakaan.

Being a Circus Records boy, Conrank couldn’t help but bring some of his label brethren along for the ride. Namely Mark The Beast (an artist that will be no stranger to the Circus fraternity) and Dirt Monkey, who’s reciprocated the remix love for Doctor P on “Going Gorillas” after the huge rework of his own “No Escape” with Ganja White Night.

Sculpting an LP for the people requires recruitment from a broad range of styles and locations. Conrank has taken it worldwide with the likes of Japan’s ONJUICY, SoCal’s DREZZA, NYC’s Charmae, or British MCs Patwan and Illaman who each borrow from diverse set of genres themselves.

Conrank has been biding his time. Long on the grind but always on the ascendency, the murmurs are soon to burst into rooftop evangelism. Having provided recent hit remixes for The Prodigy and Emalkay on top of a relentless touring schedule across the globe. Over the last 12 months, Conrank has toured with Space Jesus, Downlink and most recently with Flux Pavilion on the10 Years of Circus Records tour. It’s clear fans and the top tier of industry talent alike have a taste for ranky.

This is 13 tracks of no holds barred brutality. Having brought his sound live to crowds all across the world, his continental conquests have been with intention of answering one question…What’s A FKNG Conrank. Follow him on a journey for answers through his mind and soul.


  1. Intro
  2. Drum in Time
  3. Wake Up  feat. Charmae
  4. Buk Em
  5. Bubble & Run  feat. Patwan
  6. Oi! feat. Illaman & ONJUICY
  7. Bullet in the Gun feat. Charmae
  8. Level 8 with Dirt Monkey
  9. System Up with Mark the Beast
  10. Blast
  11. Army Skit
  12. Decapitate feat. Patwan with Drezza
  13. Hey Zeus
  14. Meatball Parm with Space Jesus
  15. Tonk Sound
  16. Outro
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YouTube video
YouTube video