Dillon Francis Drops First Track From Moombahton EP

Earlier in 2015, Instagram EDM fans went into a frenzie when funnyman Dillon Francis revealed that he’d be following up his album, Money Sucks, Friends Rule by making a return to his moombahton roots.

Dillon Francis revealed the brand new EP would include collaborations with the likes of Skrillex, Bro Safari and Calvin Harris.

Well, the time has come and Dillon Francis has given us the first taste of what to expect and we like it!

Check out the new tune and the tracklist of the upcoming EP below.

This Mixtape Is Fire EP tracklist

1. Bruk Bruk (I Need Your Lovin) – Dillon Francis
2. What’s Your Name – Dillon Francis & Calvin Harris
3. Bun Up the Dance – Dillon Francis & Skrillex
4. Pull It – Dillon Francis & Bro Safari
5. Coming Over (feat. James Hersey) – Dillon Francis
6. Lies (feat. Chromeo) – Dillon Francis
7. I Can’t Take It (Party Favor Remix) – Dillon Francis