DVRKO Releases Supercharged Single ‘Lights UP’

Enigmatic, masked artist, DVRKO, today released his second original single, “Lights Up,” out now and streaming everywhere via L1N3 Records.

The supercharged, anthemic single is a song about redemption and serves as the follow-up to DVRKO’s inaugural release, “This Is How” featuring Sarah De Warren, inspired by personal experiences in inescapable toxic relationships.

The elusive musician’s debut single clocked more than 1 million global streams in its first month of release and, shortly after, DVRKO revealed the official music video for “This is How,” featuring an attention-grabbing tale set against the backdrop of an industrialized, dystopian future. In contrast, DVRKO’s “Lights Up” features an accessible chorus, bouncy syncopation, and exudes a soaring feeling of optimism that is sure to chase away the blues.

Buoyant and building, “Lights Up” seizes music-lovers’ yearning for all that’s life-affirming with an unabashed, hands-in-the air exuberance. A true master of ceremonies, DVRKO is hiding-out in his tricked-out recording studio crafting maniacally good tunes with “Lights Up” dropping just in early July.

With an earworm for a topline and music festival-ready hook, “Lights Up” conjures the summer concert atmosphere with a promise that all is not lost. The vocal melody feels just right, like something from a dream that’s been yearning to be sung. DVRKO is here to lead the charge with his dynamic blend of swelling sonic climaxes and monstrous beats. “Lights Up” is a song of perseverance that feels like… hope. Out today on Beatport and all streaming platforms, get your first listen below!

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