Hardwell Returns For Performance With Ran-D

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In 2018, modern EDM legend Hardwell (real name Robbert van de Corput) announced his official retirement from live touring. Since then, he’s been relatively quiet in the public eye. Now, at a time perhaps least expected, the Dutch electronic music icon has treated fans to a special performance at Paintball Games Venhorst in the Netherlands.

The recent sighting has since driven speculation as to whether or not the famed producer will return to touring in a more formalized capacity.

Videos that have surfaced on social media show Hardwell treating fans to a special back-to-back performance alongside Ran-D in an intimate crowd setting. Clubs in the Netherlands are currently shuttered due to COVID-19 restrictions, which could explain the unusual venue choice.

Beyond that, it’s still unknown how the arrangements came to be, or what the occasion was for Hardwell and Ran-D‘s appearance. However, one can’t help but take notice of Hardwell‘s ear-to-ear smiles as Ran-D‘s massive single “Zombie” plays out in the background, and wonder what this appearance might mean for his future prospects. Take a look at the trending video below!