Harpoon Expands Production Prowess With Debut EP ‘Supernova Nights’

Australian producer Harpoon releases mesmerising debut EP ‘Supernova Nights’ via Tinted Records. The four-track EP accentuates Harpoon’s diverse approach to his art, capturing lush chords and pristine sound design, floating above punchy and exotic percussion. The EP is a culmination of a tumultuous year, but a year that saw Harpoon grow and develop exciting new ways to collaborate and expand his own musical production.

The lead single from the EP ‘Supernova’ features the vocal talents of UK artist Lauren L’aimant, who has released records on respected labels such as Anjunadeep, Toolroom, and Nothing Else Matters, and lends her powerful yet angelic vocals for an upbeat production that is a ready-made summer-anthem, and the strongest moment so far for Harpoon. Following this, Harpoon runs back the clock, teaming up for the second time with fellow singer/songwriter iDo, for ‘Ever Told You No’ an offering that has an upbeat and instantly memorable sound. Following in a much similar vein to the two previous productions, the third track, ‘Lost’ is a slice of tropical chill house, with Harpoon’s production skills coupled with lush organic instruments, providing sun-kissed poolside vibes. Finally, is the already released ‘Wavelength (I Think It’s You)’, offering up that blissful summery goodness, coupled with the vocal stylings of Damian Kyle.

On creating an EP in such a strange time for the music industry, Harpoon said, “The EP for me was such a cool experience due to the fact that majority of it was written in peak covid conditions which changed the dynamics of how I would normally collaborate with artists locally in a studio. This allowed me to partner up with overseas artists from the UK and the US and work remotely via Skype, Zoom and FaceTime to articulate ideas back and forth for each track. I have been super impressed with the new tracks that I have brought to life in such a dark time and honestly think my sound and production is starting to evolve in such a positive way.

Sydney’s Harpoon has established himself as one of the rising stars out of the Sydney house scene, shifting sonic gears in late 2018 to blend warm house beats, pulsating bass lines, and a dash of pop vocals for a tropical and upbeat sound. Harpoon signed with Tinted Records in 2019 and has since gone on to surpass 5 million streams across platforms with tracks such as ‘Into My Bed’, ‘In Your Mind’ and ‘Enjoying the View’. His debut release on the label, ‘In Your Mind feat. iDO’ reached #1 position in the ARIA Club Charts, with tracks such as ‘Midnight’, ‘Horizon’, and, ‘I Still Feel You’ also cracking the top ten, showcasing how Harpoon’s productions resonate with producers and listeners alike.

Harpoon’s ‘Supernova Nights EP’ is out via Tinted Records now!