Mates are a group of four Italian YouTubers who have taken over the platform in the past years. With more than 15 million followers (in total) on Instagram and YouTube, Mates can be easily considered the leading Youtube entertaining community in Italy.

In the past they have hosted TV shows on SKY as well as live performances around Italy. Now, with the addition of Jayden, known to be the five Mates’ start, the group has decided to land on the dance music industry.

‘This Time’ is Jayden’s new single which features the incredible voice of Celine Farach & Matluck. The pop-oriented electro track features an eclectic top-melody and bubbling bassline. The main melody will stick in your head in zero-time bringing the listeners to a magical journey. We spoke with Jayden to discuss everything from the debut track to the iconic panda mask and even favourite foods.

Hi Jayden thanks for taking time with us today. For our readers who are unaware, you recently emerged from the very popular Italian YouTube collective Mates. Can you give us a brief history of how Mates started and what you guys are all about?

‘Mates,’ as you mentioned, is a YouTube collective working in photo and video content as well as Italian TV. When I mentioned that I wanted to pursue DJing and producing as a career, the guys were on board 100% and wanted to do everything they could to make my dream a reality. They’ve been crucial in the creative aspect of the project and have helped me build the character Jayden from scratch.

Transitioning into producing music has been very successful for you. Was this a fairly quick transition or have you been working in the background for quite some time?

I had been working on the Panda project for almost a year in the background before releasing something I was proud of and I’m right now I’m working on some new projects!

Did you always have a passion for electronic music?

Ever since I was young I have had a passion for music and electronic dance music in particular. I used to go to so many festivals with friends and dream of being the one on stage performing to thousands of people. I still have so far to go to achieve what I want but I’m happy with the progress I am making so far.

Your debut single has scored worldwide attention. Teaming up with Emmy Award winner Matluck and model Celine Farach, the official music video has already garnered over 2 million views. Were you expecting such a response?

I have been absolutely overwhelmed with the positive feedback from my debut single. I could never have imagined that it would gain so many views in such a short space of time. It’s a great feeling putting out music that you love and having it so well received, especially as I was completely unknown to everyone!

YouTube video

How did the track come to be? Did you guys join up for studio sessions or do you share a server?

It was actually quite difficult working with Celine Farach and Matluck on this as we were all located in different places and had to work entirely through Facetime. I had the main bulk of the track down before I sent it to them. They then added their vocals and lyrics over the top and it all came together brilliantly! We were lucky enough to have both Celine and Matluck fly over to Milan to film the music video, which took around 10 days to shoot. We had so much fun filming and they were fantastic to work with.

With your track “This Time” such a huge success, can you tell us what you have in store next.

There are some plans in motion for a show in Milan in June to launch my new single but I can’t give away too much just yet! Other than that I have a few collaborations in the works that I plan to release over the summer so ….Watch this space!

Your music is quite upbeat and summer–inspired electro. Can we expect a similar a style from you in the future or are you to try our different genres?

I actually love many different genres of music but I tend to lean towards the Pop/dance crossover sound. I’m looking forward to the upcoming collaborations because you can learn so much from other artists and they can open your eyes to other types of music. As an artist I think that your whole career is a learning curve and you can continuously develop and evolve your sound so who knows what I’ll be creating in the future!

Do you have any artists you would love to collaborate with?
Do you ever write music on the road, or is it all mostly composed in the studio?

The inspiration behind the concepts that I want to share can come from any situation but when it comes to producing the track, I like to do that in the studio. There are so many artists that I admire and get inspiration from but in terms of a collaboration, I think it would be really cool to work with a band, like One Republic, Imagine Dragons or Coldplay. I love coming up with crazy projects and think a collaboration with any one of these bands would be really cool.

Now, you wear a giant panda mask. We have to admit it’s pretty interesting. Can you explain the mask and why you wear it.

My main aim was to come up with a character who would be the face of the project – one that represented the thin border between magic and reality which is what I wanted my music to stand for. Together with the Mates family, we brainstormed a few ideas and when the mention of a panda mask was brought up, it just seemed to fit.

I feel this mask could go through several incarnations like deadmau5 and Bear Grillz.

Potentially! The idea for the future is to alter and enhance the costume to make it even more impressive!

Before we go, we’ll run through a quick 5 questions that we’ll fire at you. What are your 3 favourite movies?

Inception, Memento and pretty much every superhero movie!

Favourite food?

Of course 😉 And pizza!

What is your dream gig?
Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas or Ultra Miami? (Pick One)

I would love my own big show where I can fully express my music and creativity, but out of the above I would have to pick ULTRA!

Where do you see electronic dance music in five years?

I think it’s a bit of a quiet time for EDM right now, mostly because of trap/rap and Latin music, but I also think that these trends can find a way of co-existing with EDM. I hope to be a trend myself in 5 years.