Liam Howlett Doesn’t Want to Make Another Prodigy Album

After the worldwide success of their sixth studio album earlier this year, Liam Howlett from The Prodidy recently told Rolling Stone that he isn’t interested in making another Prodigy album.

Liam also voiced his opinion on the American music festival scene, expressing his anger for not catering to bands and saying it has too many “DJ” only festivals.

“I’ve had a rest and I’m about to start writing again,” Howlett said. “Basically I don’t feel like I want to do any more albums because they just take too long. It takes too long to get the music out to fans, it takes too long for us. We want to do something that can turn around quicker. So what we’ve decided to do is to do EPs from now on. And I think the whole music industry and such, if you want to call it that, is changing. We’re excited about doing a four-track EP next, getting that out, and while that’s out, we have the next one prepared. It seems much more of a better way to get music information to our fans. It’s just a quicker turn around and I think that would be, for us, as a band, much better.”

Howlett’s comments also bring up a good point: are albums still relevant? The music industry is struggling to find an answer on the whole. Electronic dance music fans rarely find themselves waiting for an album to drop. The Prodigy is certainly playing catch-up – but their music is still in high demand.

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