Madeon Drops The Details On His Debut Studio Album


At the start of 2014, French producer Madeon announced his break from touring to focus his time and energy on a debut studio album. “I want to create so badly,” he wrote. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt as inspired or excited to be a musician.”

Madeon has today given the news we’ve been waiting for.

“I just delivered my album to the label, feels like a big day,” he shared on Facebook. He went on to write that the album will be titled Adventure (“I’m hoping the name will make a lot of sense once you listen to it”), and that it will see release next year in 2015.

The news came before two new tracks, Imperium and You’re On (ft. Kyan), both of which will be on the album.

Feel free to listen to the new tracks below while we wait for the album.