Melbourne duo Teddy Cream unveil new single ‘Home’ & music video

Currently trending in France with ‘Summer Jam’, Teddy Cream are surfing the wave of success with the release of their new single ‘Home’. The record is a vibrant continuation to the Teddy Cream project, proving them a force to be reckoned with in the dance music landscape. With over 11 million streams to their name, including over 2 million Spotify streams on ‘Summer Jam’ alone, plus backing from Madison Mars, Plastik Funk, DJ Dark, Astero, Dino Del Moro, Pat Benedetti, and more, ‘Home’ is set to be a breakout success.

“Home is our favourite Teddy Cream track to date,” explain Teddy Cream. “The track is about the joys of being at home with family and friends. We both relate to this as we spend so much time away on tour. We tried to incorporate as many acoustic elements into the track as possible, but it still has a pumping electronic baseline that makes you wanna dance.”

Teddy Cream is Brandon Mangion and Vincent Calderone, two lifelong friends who began producing together at 13, touring at 18, and dominating dance music not long after. Whatever the song, whatever the genre, their music is made to party to. In 2017, their reworks of Sonia Dada’s ‘Lover’ and Daryl Braithwaite’s hit ‘Horses’ climbed the ARIA Club Charts and Spotify Viral Chart and amassed over 4 million streams.

Teddy Cream’s ascent began during the Melbourne bounce boom but these days, they play everything from hardstyle to psytrance and EDM, with any number of surprising pit stops along the way. At any given show you could hear the pair work through Venga Boys, Metallica, Neil Diamond or Green Day… or maybe even all four in the same set. If you’re one of the 12 million people who’ve watched that video of them dropping the High School Musical theme to a rapturous crowd, you’ll already know how well they dial it up.

Wherever they play, the mission is simple. “We just like to have fun and we love the crowd to have fun as well,” Teddy Cream explain. “That’s the most important thing.”

YouTube video