Nick Littlemore and Alister Wright spread some ‘Good Karma’ with new Vlossom single

The musical world of Vlossom could be described as futuristic, mystical, euphoric, and almost hallucinogenic. Manifesting from the minds of renowned Australian musicians Nick Littlemore (PNAU, Empire of the Sun) and Alister Wright (Cloud Control), Vlossom symphonize elements of pop, psych-rock, and electronic, culminated into something strangely multisensory and positively charged – their new single ‘Good Karma Lover’ embodying exactly that.

Off the back of a sizable 2020, kicking off with a live residency at Sydney’s The Lansdowne, the release of Vlossom’s debut EP ‘My Friend’, a feature on PNAU’s latest single ‘Lucky’, plus a captivating performance of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’ for triple j’s Like A Version, Vlossom now release their uplifting new single ‘Good Karma Lover’, radiating as many refreshingly wholesome vibes as the title implies.

On the evolution of ‘Good Karma Lover’, Nick Littlemore explains, “We’ve always been keen to set aside that dreary interior and to try to do away with sad faces, because to be honest, we’ve all been through it and sometimes it’s good to know you’re not the only one. We knew going into this song that dance makes time and helps us do many things. Ram Dass’ book ‘Be Here Now’ was a big inspiration; his spiritual inclusiveness and open-hearted belief in togetherness. We stand behind the idea that promoting good karma is only a positive pursuit.”

In each new piece that Vlossom create, their energy manifests as a benevolent effervescence, one that ultimately leaves the listener with a renewed sense of wonder. “If we can impart anything to people, I hope it’s that feeling of losing yourself in a moment, stepping outside of yourself in the best imaginable way,” says Littlemore. “In a world that’s increasingly hard to navigate and understand, I think it’s so important to have those moments of levity and beauty and positivity, with the hope that maybe some of that feeling might carry on into the rest of your life.”

Vlossom’s latest single ‘Good Karma Lover’ will be released on November 12th via Nick Littlemore and Peter Mayes’ label, Lab78.

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