Peking Duk & Benson Create COVID-19 Anthem ‘Isolation’

Peking Duk & Benson, three of Australia’s favourite sons, come together (practicing social distancing of course), to bring a bright light of joy with their collaborative Covid-19 anthem ‘Isolation’.

Peking Duk & Benson got together on an interview with Hobba & Hing – Triple J Drive hosts on Thursday afternoon at 4:30pm with the goal to make a song about ‘Staying the Fuck at Home’ as per the government’s regulations to try and prevent the spread of Covid:19.

“This song is an anthem for everyone considering leaving their house. There’s one simple message for you that the government hasn’t put as bluntly, thats to stay the fuck home and isolate” – Adam Hyde – Peking Duk

With Adam in Los Angeles, Reuben in Sydney and Benson in Melbourne it was going to be no easy task but the lads forged ahead to the best of their Australian dial up internet speeds and got the song made with one hour to spare.

“This song is an indoor and definitely not outdoor anthem for everyone that’s stuck at home at the moment. We tried to deliver a very serious message in the most fun and direct way possible – via a dance tune!” – Benson

Out today via Sony, ‘Isolation’ is available to purchase through Beatport and listen via all streaming platforms.