PRAANA, Dezza and LEVV team up on ‘Mirrors’

A truly exciting collab up next on Colorize – PRAANA team up with Dezza and LEVV for thrilling single “Mirrors.”

PRAANA, the enigmatic duo who burst onto the scene with their first singles in 2019 and recently guest mixed on Above & Beyond‘s Group Therapy, combine with Canadian Progressive House maestro Dezza, who has also had a whirlwind of a year having released his debut album “Cosmos” in March on Colorize and headlined the label’s first event at London’s Oval Space in July.

With two upcoming shows in Chicago & Seattle as well as the Colorscapes Compilation mixed by himself and Matt Fax all happening in September, it’s been an exciting few months for Dezza. Joining the fray is American duo LEVV who’s brand of Progressive dance music is singular thanks to Seth’s refined production and Audrey’s outstanding vocals.

“Mirrors” sees all three acts effortlessly merge their distinctive styles in an emotional production that showcases the best of Melodic House in 2019. “Mirrors” is out now on Beatport and all streaming platforms, get your first listen below!

YouTube video