Rising Brisbane Duo Dimes Release “Anything Goes” EP

Marking the next step in the evolution of Australian Trap prodigies Dimes, is their latest EP with their homie Manakin, titled “Anything Goes”.

The EP transitions incredibly well in pace and intensity, culminating in ‘I Got Dem, which is a truly massive track. Full of dark synths, unbridled distortion, this track is pure heat and is sure to light up many clubs around the country in the not too distant future.

Overall, Anything Goes feels like an incredibly polished affair from the Dimes and Manakin. It stays true to its roots, but it takes just enough inspiration from future beats and hip hop to avoid the stigma of becoming yet another drab trap offering as so many aspiring producers seem resigned to pumping out. If this is a sign of a things to come for the Australian trap scene, there’s every reason to be excited about the direction it’s heading in.

The duo that is Emmett Goddard and Jaiden Suarez have been making waves in Queensland with their explosive performances supporting acts including Kennedy Jones, DJ Craze, A-TONEZ, JOEY BADA$$ and more. Get your dancing shoes on and stream the “Anything Goes” EP by Dimes and Manakin below!