Seven Lions, Jason Ross & Crystal Skies Unveil New Collab “Foolish Of Me”

“Foolish Of Me” is the first ever collaboration from Seven Lions, Jason Ross and Crystal Skies.

Thematically, it is the follow up to Seven Lions and Jason Ross‘ track “Ocean” also with Jonathan Mendelsohn on vocals from 2018. Complete with massive supersaws, soaring synths, bass growls and glitch fills at every turn, the track adds to each artist’s arsenals as another peak time instant classic.

Seven Lions teased the track at the Insomniac Park ‘N In Rave in Arizona in July and Live at The Gorge Amphitheatre stream last month.

Putting sheer technical production prowess to work in soulful, deep, hybridized creations all distinctly his own, Seven Lions is single-handedly changing the sonic landscape for future generations to come by bridging the gap between the soaring, ethereal vibe of trance and intensely adrenalizing bass music.


2020 is also proven to be Jason Ross‘ biggest year yet with the release of his first studio album ‘1000 Faces.’ The album is the first to be released on Seven LionsOphelia Records, and showcases his mastery of melodic bass and a new, refined sound.

Known for their melodic bass-driven tracks  like  ‘Never Change’ and ‘Fluorescent Lights,’ Crystal Skies is an American duo who’ve developed a unique dubstep sound that resonates emotionally with listeners. All three artists combined bring a cohesive sound on “Foolish Of Me” which is sure to have any dance music lover nodding their heads. Available today via Beatport and all popular streaming platforms, get your first listen to the new single below!

Seven Lions, Jason Ross, Crystal Skies – Foolish Of Me (feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn)

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