Slander and Dylan Matthew release fourth collaboration “Love is Gone”

Los Angeles based duo Slander have traded their iconic hard-hitting baslines for melodic vibes on their fourth collaboration with vocalist Dylan Matthew.

“Love is Gone” is the majestic outcome of Slander’s production skills and Dylan Matthew’s emotive vocals. The track weaves cinematic chords and piano keys with impressive instrumental melodies through the majority of the track, serving as a backdrop to Matthew‘s raw and emotional vocal performance.

Accompanying the track is its ethereal music video, which sees a lone spaceman on a journey through worlds in search of that one metaphorical star. The video captures the song’s wistful and lost ethos with vibrant visuals of both space and faraway lands, catapulting the viewer into the inspiration in Slander and Matthew‘s heads. The new release follows Slander and Dylan Matthew‘s earlier collaborations – 2017’s “Without You” (released on Monstercat) and 2018’s “Hate Being Alone” and “First Time” with Seven Lions & Dabin (released on Ophelia). With an indeed one-of-a-kind working relationship between these artists, we hope there will be more projects coming soon!

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