Snails & Kompany Drop Collab ‘System Overload’ + Announce World of Slime EP

After having smashed a remix for Snails’ song “To The Grave”, Kompany is now collaborating with Snails himself for “System Overload,” featuring Virus Syndicate – out now on Slugz Music. The track is a perfect mix of both Kompany & Snails’ top notch production skills and sound design and has been a crowd favorite on the current World of Slime Tour.

As the name implies, “System Overload” will absolutely blow your speakers – the track gives fans a sublime fusion of the heaviest dubstep sounds and grime-like vocals. “System Overload” has a mind-blowing bassline and menacing build-up that headbangers will go mental over.

In additional exciting news from the vomitstep creator, Snails also just revealed he’s releasing his World of Slime EP on December 18. The EP features “System Overload” as well as new collaborations with Barely Alive, Carbin and Wooli.

Snails is currently wrapping up his World Of Slime tour – which includes state of the art holographic technology, brand new visuals and Snails’ custom Shell 2.0 stage production creates a more immersive environment for attendees. Preview the tour visuals here on Snails’ Instagram.

World of Slime EP Tracklist

Snails & Barely Alive – Grime Rate
Snails & Kill The Noise – Front 2 Back (feat. Sullivan King)
Snails & Kompany – System Overload (feat. Virus Syndicate)
Snails – RKO (feat. Rico Act)
Snails & Carbin (feat. Big Ali) – Tear It Up
Snails & Subtronics – Snailclops
Snails & Krimer – Jackhammer
Snails & Wooli – Snailephant VIP

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