TRUTH Unleash DnB EP on Deep, Dark & Dangerous

Production outfit TRUTH are using their New Zealand heritage within their forthcoming EP on bass music imprint Deep, Dark & Dangerous, the platform they created which gives them full creative control over their output. Renowned for their precise production standards and their searing basslines, their ‘Without You’ EP presents a different flavour from the duo, although it’s still linked to the music which provides a soundtrack to the clubbing spaces of their roots.

They’ve now exported this to California, where Andre now resides in LA, whilst they keep one foot in Christchurch, New Zealand through Tristan – and it provides an insight into the progression of TRUTH’s artistry. From Mala’s Deep Medi Musik, to the sounds on Deep, Dark & Dangerous, this drum & bass EP presents another turning point for the producers. Due to be released on July’s Bandcamp day, it also highlights one of the finest independent labels to come through in recent times.

Their immaculate ‘Without You’ EP is more understated than their approach to dubstep, but it still hits the same emotive tones and painstaking engineering which is often a signature of their craft. ‘Pass Me By’ features lush textures whilst being underpinned by a heavier backdrop, meanwhile cuts like title-track ‘Without You’ rolls through with cascading breaks. ‘Eyes on Me’ focuses on its segments of percussion and darker moods, whilst the expert drum work of ‘Heartbreak’ and the creeping intensity of ‘Miasma’ brings it to a close. It’s a walk through of the pair’s imaginative scope, something which this EP shows is demonstrably huge.

‘Without You’ perfectly encapsulates TRUTH’s diversity. And it’s this diversity which sees them stake their claim within the drum & bass world – although their name has already established itself internationally, following years of touring across continents and a label which pedestals bass music excellence.

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