Tyler Coey & Elegant Hands Take Us To ‘Tulum’

Tyler Coey has already told his Clarisse charges to ‘Let ‘M Run Off’, a groove to do you good with Francesco Romano. Now paired with the charmingly named Elegant Hands, who must treat turntables with only the finest sounds with a name like that, the Spaniard Coey and the handiest man from Mexico are here to tell you all about ‘Tulum.’

For those who enjoy their house that goes across the border, ‘Tulum’ shows why the pair’s credentials have been crowed about by the likes of Toolroom, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, PP Music and more.


Elegant Hands

Disciplined in energy and intent as it runs off a bassline nodding backwards to retro clubbing while maintaining a tough presence – bubbly, bouncy and ready to bear its teeth – there’s every chance ‘Tulum’ will leave you feeling so emotional.

Made by its R&B samples that Coey and Elegant Hands spray across the mix, satisfyingly not keeping them nailed down and putting up a second-guessing singalong in the process, ‘Tulum’ is sure to become a tourist attraction with its straightforward set up. Vocal cuts, jacking builds and beats getting straight down to the nitty-gritty so the lyrics can do whatever they want: just add wide open windows.