Watch Flux Pavilion Create An Original Track In Just 10 Minutes

There isn’t much UK bass master Flux Pavilion can’t do musically as he recently proved his skills by creating a track in under 10 minutes.

FACT TV’s “Against the Clock” is a YouTube series which gives producers the daunting task of creating an original track in under ten minutes.

Joshua Steele, or Flux Pavilion as he is most known as decided to take on the challenge and give an quick insight into how he works. While Steel demonstrates how stressful the notion of creating a track in such a limited time frame is, his execution is stunning.

“My general start is going for instrumentation, rather than synthesis,” the producer notes after commencing the hasty composition with his signature organ-like, Massive-produced synths and subs. Steele integrates powerful lead melody before venturing into the rhythmic section. Steele pulls his drums from Loudpvck’s sound pack and manages to program a perfect rhythm without even listening. He even has the audacity to record vocals which he instantly modulates past recognition through Fabfilter.

After ten minutes, Flux Pavilion manages to put together a simplistic, yet audibly rich track, the likes of which would take most producers several hours in the studio to complete.

Watch the full video below!