Wongo Teams Up With New Zealand’s Rubi Du For New Party Anthem ‘Fireball’

Producer, DJ and full time funnyman, Wongo has teamed up with renowned New Zealand hip hop artist, Rubi Du for ‘Fireball’. Co-written with Stace Cadet, the single morphs Wongo’s A-grade dance aesthetic with Rubi Du’s roots and dancehall foundation into a sure-fire party starter.

Wongo explains how the track came together, “During peak covid last year we didn’t really have much to do except sit at home, sink piss and write music. This is how ‘Fireball’ was born. Stace Cadet and myself sat over zoom, taking it shot for shot as we passed each other stems over our great Australian Wi-Fi speeds. 17 days later for a 1GB file, we had this thing wrapped up and ready to go. Soon after we got Rubi to rock over her fire (excuse the pun) vocal takes and slapped those bad boys in. Tune was pretty much done at that point and now it’s time to get her out. I am personally hoping that anyone listening to this song can really taste the cinnamon that was ingested during the production phase.”


Rubi Du

 Known for starting a hundred things and then complaining he’s too busy, Wongo is a guy you still might wanna know and not because he has a bald spot from spinning on his head. Not only does this guy run a successful radio show, record label and sell out his own events called Need2Freak alongside Little Fritter (and with the occasional cameo from FISHER), but Wongo still classifies himself as a producer over all else. Doing countless remixes for the biggest artists and labels in the world, working with artists like A-Trak and Yolanda Be Cool and multiple #1 ARIA Club Charts, seems like just another day at work for the big fella. Wongo’s most notable records would be ‘D.A.D. (Dance All Day)’ and ‘Mars’, both being that dark-ass club music you wanna hear at both peak time and the after-party. Not only are Wongo’s tracks popping at the clubs, but his record ‘Caught Up’ has now clocked up over 2.5 million plays on Spotify.

Rubi Du is part of JessB’s NZ collective, throwing solid parties under “Filth” which recently collaborated with club tastemakers Boiler Room while also creating equally amazing tracks. Rubi Du has collaborated extensively with JessB featuring on a number of singles and EPs .

Party with your new favourite anthem, Wongo ‘Fireball’ featuring Rubi Du – get your first listen below!

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