Yotto Performs Jaw-Dropping Set In Freezing Finland

Set in the snow-covered mountains of Lapland, Finaland, deep house master Yotto has hosted a breathtaking performance.

Equipped with nothing but a small team, a generator, CDJs, drones, and filming equipment, Yotto battled the -20°C conditions to create a jaw-dropping performance of quality deep and progressive music.

As the world enters its second year into the COVID-19 pandemic, dance music artists are still constantly managing to reinvent the DJ streaming space and Yotto is no exception. Arguably one of the most inventive DJ booths to date, Yotto and his team set up shop by carving out an area in the middle of the snow to stand in.

Briefly troubled with a handful of “technical difficulties and lost drones,” the Odd One Out leader kept his hands warm as he sound-tracked a desolate Finnish forest with more than an hour of astounding melodic numbers, including two unreleased collaborations with both Cristoph as well as Stephen Jolt, an incoming remix of Faithless‘ “I Need Somebody,” and an assortment of IDs from himself, Anden, and gardenstate.

Watch Yotto’s aptly branded “A Very Cold DJ Set” below.

YouTube video