15 Must See Acts at EDC Las Vegas 2019


Brennan Heart


When: Sunday

Where: Wastelands

Time: 01:37am – 02:37am

As a representative of Dutch dance industry, Brennan Heart is one of the leading brands in international hardstyle music. Tracks like ‘Imaginary’ and ‘Lose my Mind’ contain his remarkable signature: harmonious melodies, catchy vocal lines and an impeccable production. Brennan Heart (real name: Fabian Bohn) has an impressive track record as a DJ and producer with over 100 releases. He’s known for his unrestrained efforts and perseverance, constantly improving his skills and studio setup.

He’s experimented with several styles of music like techno, hard-trance and tech-trance, before focusing on hardstyle and establishing his own universal sound. Headlining the Wastelands stage in Sunday night Brennan will be showcasing new music and a large crowd is expected for his performance.

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