Buying & Selling Festival Tickets (The Smart Way)


Festival season is fast approaching and we know things don’t always go as planned. You may may have that manager/parent that doesn’t remember what it’s like to be young, or you may have found yourself stuck on a tight budget. Whatever the reason is, you need to sell that extra ticket and we’re here to help!

Since we live in a scene plagued with ticket scalpers, we wanted to share advice for buyers/and sellers to effectively buy/and sell event tickets. Whether it’s a ticket to a local show or Stereosonic, follow these helpful tips for a successful transaction.

Helping vs Hustling- Know the Difference

We know that money is important. Many of us work hard so we can afford these music festivals we love so much. Sometimes we think it’s okay to post ticket prices that are a little higher than what we actually paid but it doesn’t really support the idea of helping fellow music lovers out, does it?

Start by offering the ticket at face value. If a bidding war ensues, then it’s your choice to continue. However, don’t be shocked when your extra ticket doesn’t sell because you’re asking two times above face value.


Advertise in Facebook Groups & Event Pages

There are thousands of Facebook groups dedicated to specific music scenes, festivals, events, genres, etc. Join a specific group/event to not only interact with others that share similar interests. Here is the perfect platform to advertise your extra ticket to people who are ACTUALLY interested. Posting on Ebay or Gumtree can sometimes be ineffective, especially if you live in a smaller town.


Instagram + Hashtags

The list of hashtags could go on forever. With more people than ever before turning to social media to search for specific events and festivals, here is an excellent medium to advertise your ticket. Remember to take a copy of your ticket / printed online booking to confirm you’re no your going to scam your fellow music lovers.


Hard Copy v.s. Printed Ticket = Legit v.s Wildcard

Buyers, train your eye to spot the term “hard tix” while searching online. It’s lingo for having a physical copy. Printing at home is super convenient/cheap and it also makes it super convenient for duplication. Can you imagine paying hard earned money on something that could possibly be fraudulent? Not all ticket sellers are bad guys, but there are a minority out there who are willing to scam you.

Be sure to always buy from the original buyer and not from his sister who bought the ticket from a friend etc.

Sellers, it is important to provide proper receipts when asked. Make your buyer feel comfortable. Trust is crucial.


Closing the Deal

Before you start the celebration of selling or buying, you have to seal the deal. Let’s talk about payments. The easiest and most reliable way to complete the transaction is to meet in person (in a safe and busy area).

Meeting in person guarantees that the money and ticket will end up in the right hands. Not all tickets are sold locally though. Say you want to sell your ticket to someone across the nation, now what? Sellers, do not send the ticket until you get your money. Buyers, a safe and reliable way to pay for your ticket is through PayPal.


The internet has transformed the way tickets are purchased and sold. It’s important to educate yourself so you can purchase tickets in a legal and safe method. With the proper tools you can find the right deals for those sold out shows.