Interview: Sunset Bros.


Very few producers can achieve career longevity. Then again, very few producers make an impact as lasting as the Sunset Bros.

With their crisp production, infectious melodies and a penchant for tasteful selection, it’s no surprise that the Sunset Bros have carved a reputation as a pioneering act in their field. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, the duo have filled dance floors across the world with their distinct sound – a fusion of NRG, house, techno, and trance that’s made them a household name in modern dance music.

Throughout their extensive career in music, the duo have worked with the biggest names in pop and dance music. Their original releases have seen support from some of the biggest names in electronic dance music and the duo have amassed a worldwide cult following. We caught up with the Sunset Bros to talk everything from the early days to the upcoming Festival X that’s set to hit Australian shores this November.

Over the course of your 15 career, you guys have released a string if releases for acts such as The Black Eyed Peas, Fedde Le Grand, Nick Skitz, Vengaboys and Bob Sinclar to name a few. Tell us what it was like to remix some of these stars?

It’s always an amazing to have your work feature alongside such iconic industry legends. The feeling is always the same!

Your tracks blend elements of dance, electro, trance and house to present a unique style. Do you draw inspiration from the music you grew up listening to?

Yes definitely, from commercial hits and foreign music to the early house and trance anthems!

2017 proved to be a milestone year for your career. You guys released ‘I’m Feelin’ It (In The Air)’ which quickly went viral. Can you tell us how that song came to be?

We never intended on it being released, we actually made ‘I’m feeling it’ purely for our live sets. As its popularity grew a few labels approached us regarding a release and the rest is history lol. We never thought it would go 2x platinum!

You guys saw the track supported by some of the biggest names in the dance industry, what was it like to see your music appreciated on a global scale?

The feeling of witnessing the biggest festivals worldwide full of people sing and dance to your tune is absolutely surreal!

‘In the Air’ was recently remixed by the likes of MaRLo, Tigerlily, Code Black. M-22 and Ben Nicky. What’s the reaction been to these remixes?

The remixes played a huge part in the success of the track! The world loved them!!!
How couldn’t you with producers like that?  These producers continue to showcase it in their sets and the response from the crowd is at the same level it was when we first released the track. It is quite humbling.

Now you have recently dropped a fresh remix of Amba Shepherd’s ‘Fly Away’. What was the process of creating this remix and how did it feel to get the call up from the iconic dance music vocalist?

Amba has been someone we always wanted to work with, when we heard the vocal, we knew we had something special! It makes life so much easier when you have a voice like that! We got the easy part lol!

So you guys are joining the insanely stacked Festival X that’s hitting Australian shores this November / December. How does it feel to be part of such an insane lineup?

It definitely is insane!!! We are pumped excited and ready! To be on that line up alongside some of the biggest names in dance music is something we are extremely grateful for. Playing to our Australian fans is always a favourite of ours.


The festival organisers are promising the return of the glory days. The full- scale Australian summer festival season. Are you guys bringing any new music with you to get the party started?

The glory days returned the minute they announced the lineup! We as artists need to ensure the truth of that statement so yes, 100% there is going to be a heap of epic new tunes along with all our crowd favorites

Any inside info on what upcoming collaborations and releases you guys have in store for us?

We have a few releases to finish off the year starting off with ‘The Calling’ which comes out on Sept 6th. Keep up to date on our socials for more release dates!

Catch the Sunset Bros this November & December as part of Festival X, tickets are now on sale here.

Festival X Dates

Friday November 29 – Brisbane Showgrounds

Saturday November 30 – Sydney Showgrounds

Sunday December 01 – Melbourne Showgrounds

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