Reasons you shouldn’t miss EARTH FREQUENCY FESTIVAL in 2019!



Earth Frequency has always pushed the limits of video art and this year we have gone above and beyond. It is with with pride that we announce the most exceptional hand picked selection of video artists Australia has to offer. Using the latest vision technology to seamlessly integrate projectors, led walls, stage design, lighting and lasers, this A team of video artists will indulge your optics with beat driven visuals and fantastical landscapes.

Having attended this festival in the past, and knowing it is only growing in quality and the lineup of talent, I can attest that EFF 2019 has one of the most jam-packed lineup of artists I have seen at any festival in Australia. Light and sound, painters, free-hand drawers, musicians, producers, DJs, dancers, acrobats, body manipulation artists and MORE. This is a festival for the open-minded, and free of heart looking to explore what the Universe has to offer; prepare to have your mind, body and soul expanded.


Although Earth Frequency Festival is an annual event, we like to think the permanently good vibes and peaceful atmosphere is produced by an underlying sense of community. We are not just strangers coming together for entertainment. We are a group of connected friends and family, working together to create a beautiful shared experience.

The days spent on the grounds at EFF are whimsical, magical and will leave you feeling enlightened. You will no doubt make friends for life, with this creative arts smorkesboard bringing together folks from all across Australia and the world. The artists intermindle with the punters, and the feeling that emotional vulnerability and free love expression are two of the major values of this tribe of people wash over every person you meet.


“Earth Frequency has always been located at beautiful outdoor venues, and we strive to minimise our impact in various ways.  You can do your bit by carpooling, considering what you bring to the festival, separating recyclables, minimising waste, and taking your rubbish home. Be sure to read the information on our Sustainability Page and keep this in mind when planning your festival weekend.  Please also be mindful of wildlife in the local area and drive slowly and carefully. And finally, please support our eco-initiatives, which include a $3 donation towards carbon offset for your travel to the festival, and making a donation to our chosen local environmental charity.” – Earth Frequency Festival.

I have been attending music and arts festivals for over a decade, and there are not many that go to the extended effort to assure that they promote an eco-friendly approach to festival-goers. They choose a local environmental charity each year that they donate too, and they encourage a ‘leave no trace’ mentality for anyone who enters the grounds. Leave the grounds how you find it on arrival, take all litter and rubbish home with you that does not end up in many of the recycling and garbage bins across the grounds.


“Earth Frequency Festival is a celebration of community and connection. We celebrate the diversity of our audience – different generations, different backgrounds, different stories. Please help us to maintain the friendly and loving vibe of this festival by showing respect and tolerance for every person you come across, and by sharing the love.  Too many people have to deal with intolerance or discrimination in their daily lives. Let’s keep Earth Frequency a space for everyone to feel safe and free. Respect yourself. Be mindful of your behaviour and attitude and how you treat yourself during the festival. Think twice before intoxicating yourself or wearing yourself thin over the festival. Good sleep, good health and a clear mind will raise your vibe high and leave you feeling much better at the end of the festival!” – Earth Frequency Festival.

This is a festival for anyone, and everyone, so long as you are willing to respect yourself, the environment and all other beings that attend. This festival is big on RESPECT, tolerance, and diversity. As long as you feel like your values align with these simple things you can be any shape, size, colour, race, religion, and gender or just dress up as much or as little as you like. Be yourself, and respect everyone else. Like I said, it is one of the most loving and kind communities of people I have ever spent time around.

If all of that has not convinced you check out this killer lineup of artists:

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Piece by: Brianna Denmeade.