What Are Diffraction Glasses And How Do They Work?


Looking back over 300 years ago, Sir Isaac Newton discovered light was made of seven distinct colours, when he viewed the sun light shining though a glass prism.

This is the same reason as to why rainbows are visible during or after rain showers, because the light is diffracted.

Diffraction glasses feature diffracting lens that turns the ordinary world into a brilliant light show. In other words, diffraction glasses make any emitting light source explode into a rainbow of colour.


To explore even deeper, diffraction glasses utilize a light diffracting gradient lens, which splits the light up into its individual light spectrum creating a very neat effect. This effect will make any light source appear colorful, very similar to a kaleidoscope, but it is crucial you have glasses contains lens’ of high-quality.

Our friends over at Catseye let us test a few out. Their diffraction glasses produce some of the most clean and crisp diffraction’s that can be produced. Whether you are experiencing a full blown laser show, a light-glove show or a standard night out with your friends at your local club; the results are just mind blowing.


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