Eric Prydz – Opus


When we talk about the EDM greats, we can talk about the Chemical Brothers, The Prodigy, Daft Punk and even Justice; but I think we can all agree that Eric Prydz can be added to that list.

The master of big club anthems is back with a new artist album, Opus. The new album features 2 discs of unbelievable material, with either CD on its own worthy of a top 5 album for 2016 status. Both discs together really make a statement that Eric Prydz is a perfectionist at his work and has really set the standard and his mark as the king of progressive electronic dance music.

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If we ignore the previously released anthems like “Every Day”, “Generate”, “Liberate”, and “Opus” the album has several tracks that are capable of bringing back that sense of wonder that you felt when you first experienced the joy that is dance music.

In typical Prydz fashion, the first half is a bit slower, darker, and techier sounding with a lot of 80s influence while the 2nd half is your mainstage Eric feel good music. Out of the new tracks some of the standouts would be “Liam”, “Collider”, “Breath” featuring Rob Swire, and of course “The Matrix”, but that might change with every listen through.

Whether you’re a die-hard Eric Prydz fan or you’re listening to his music for the first time, you can’t help but acknowledge Opus as being undeniable for what it is. Opus is an iconic collection of 21st-century house music that’s so expansive and far-reaching it outgrows its very genre, unable to be contained within any four-walled enclosure.

Overall, this is a release that will have dance music lovers searching for the repeat button for years to come.


01. Liam
02. Black Dyce
03. Collider
04. Som Sas
05. Last Dragon
06. Moody Mondays (feat. The Cut)
07. Floj
08. Tubble
09. Klepht
10. Eclipse
11. Sunset at Café Mambo
12. Breathe (feat Rob Swire)
13. Generate
14. Oddity
15. Mija (Re-scored)
16. Every Day
17. Liberate
18. The Matrix
19. Opus