Feed Me – High Street Creeps


With an overwhelming amount of music being released, the need to stand out is greater than ever. We often see artists taken creative risks in hopes to produce something unique and British bass producer Feed Me is an artist that certainly takes risks.

Feed Me is no stranger in the electronic dance scene. The British producer, born Jon Gooch, has been releasing music for well over a decade and while he’s associated with the dubstep and drum n bass genres; he’s often loved for his infectious melodies and live performances.

His latest project, High Street Creeps, finds him expanding his palette even further to include something not found on his previous collections of work. It’s full of complex sound and boasts a cinematic production level.

High Street Creeps is Feed Me’s first studio album since his debut album Calamari Tuesday way back in 2013 – so it’s safe to say fans have been looking forward to this for a long time. Upon its release, the album debuted at #1 on the iTunes dance charts. All 10 tracks seem to be perfectly placed for a musical journey.

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Kicking off the album is “Perfect Blue”. Starting with a low, muted bubbling that momentum continues to build past the two-minute mark before exploding into rich synths and beats that set the tone for “Shimmer” and “Sleepless”. These two tracks follow a more progressive note while maintaining the techno grab Gooch was clearly going for. “Sleepless” features the first of many great vocals to come. Though it’s just a subtle sample, it’s a necessary component that keeps the listener from getting lost in the frantic beat present in the first three songs.

Shifting the vibe on “Feel Love”, Rosie Doonan lends her smooth vocals to a mellow house melody that makes the track arguably one of the more approachable songs on the album. “Barrel Roll” is where that hear the older Feed Me style start to return. It’s energetic, with crisp chords and prowess. Feed Me, always keeping you on your toes, switches it up again on “Till the Wheels Come Off” with Graham Fink. Accompanied by a pop forward beat this one sounds like it was pulled right from the radio.

“Satanic Panic” again picks up the energy even more as Feed Me gives you the full tour of all the individual components that excite him about producing. “Pumpkin Eyes” is another highlight on the album that’s sure to get you singing along. It’s very catchy and its guitar use is warm and the vocal, courtesy of Chaney, is completely infectious.

The standout single of the album by our measure is “Own Ghost.” The song’s avant-garde sampling builds upon the Feed Me style without steering it too far into uncharted territory. This is the type of track that a clever DJ could slip into their set to ignite the dance floor – but also to make all the true heads in attendance compulsively open their Shazam app.

Closing track “Defiant” featuring Lindsay seems like a metaphor for High Street Creeps. Feed Me is defiant against creative restrictions, genre “rules,” and all things that don’t totally rock.

This latest album shows that Feed Me has not only returned, but he’s fresher than ever. The album debuted at number one on iTunes dance charts. He’s continued to show his versatility and adaptability in an ever-changing market, and whether he’s reinventing his brand or just experimenting with new sounds, we’re interested!


  1. Perfect Blue
  2. Shimmer
  3. Sleepless
  4. Feel Love (feat. Rosie Doonan)
  5. Barrel Roll
  6. Till The Wheels Come Off (feat. Graham Fink)
  7. Satanic Panic
  8. Pumpkin Eyes (feat. Cheney)
  9. Own Ghost
  10. Defiant (feat. Lindsay)

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