Alison Wonderland – Run


Sydney-based rising star Alison Wonderland impresses with her debut studio album “Run”.

Alex Scholler, a.k.a Alison Wonderland, has finally dropped her long awaited feature length record “Run” and it’s nothing short of impressive. After her previous efforts with 2012’s ‘Welcome To Wonderland’ mixtape and 2014’s ‘Calm Down’ EP, Wonderland captures the style we have known to love her for and embraces it to produce her best work yet.

From the opening and title track ‘Run’, we are sucked into a vortex of magical and lively beats.

Album standout track ‘U Don’t Know’ serves a catchy vibe which features Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips and comfortably sets the speed for the first half of the record. “Run” delivers three more highlights including chart topper ‘I Want U’, ‘Take It To Reality’ and ‘Already Gone’.

Each track on the album brings its own unique feel and by the end of the album, your 43 minutes spent listening is somewhat pleasant.

Light trap, electronic, house elements and infectious vocals; “Run” brings features from various genres of electronic dance music and serves in a neat package that will have most EDM fans nodding their heads.

While the record seems almost experimental at times, we’ve been given a taste of what Alison Wonderland is capable of, and this is a great debut album.