Aly & Fila – The Other Shore


The last few years have demonstrated what true workmanship is all about. Egyptian duo Aly & Fila have expanded their record label with ‘Future Sound of Egypt Excelsior’, dominated stages across the globe with the FSOE world tour and dropped smash record after smash record.

As one of the most popular musical acts in the scene today, they continue to reach greater heights with each new release. Their third studio album The Other Shore is the magnum opus of artists who have already reached the top of their craft. To be blunt, the duo are no longer out to prove anything, Aly & Fila are free to create exactly the kind of album that they want.

The Other Shore resonates with creativity. From paramount tracks such as “Nubia” with Ferry Tale and “Is it Love” with Ever Burn, to “Running” with SkyPatrol and Sue McLaren, The Other Shore never ceases to lose its momentum, and once again reminds us why Aly & Fila continue to be one of the most dominant forces in the scene today.

“In My Mind” kicks things off with a soothing and lushus sound that paints a picture that you’re in for something truly unique. As they set the stage for what’s to come with “White Wave”, Aly & Fila begin to show us just how in-depth and brilliant this album really is. “Nubia” featuring the rising trance star Ferry Tayle opens your mind and while it sounds cliche, it takes you on a journey far from this world.

“Universelab”, “For All Time” and “Eye 2 Eye” raise the energy on this album, yet still retain the classic melodic feel that Aly & Fila are loved for.

While the album boasts numerous uplifting tracks, “Never Let Me Go” featuring Seri, “Altitude Compensation” and title track “The Other Shore” with Aruna see a more progressive approach and closing track “Shine” featuring Roxanne Emery is a sensational grand finale for an album which has already proven to be incredible.

Very few producers would have the confidence to strip their tracks down to the bare essentials, leaving nothing left to hide. To pull this off, what’s left has to be almost inhumanly perfect – breath for breath, note for note.

The most striking feature of this record is the sheer musicality of every track. Fusing instrumentation from different cultures, genres, and even eras, they’ve blended it all in a style that no one on earth could emulate. With music known for bringing people from all walks of life together, Aly & Fila have certainly demonstrated this concept on The Other Shore.

There are too many gems to be found on this album, it becomes near impossible to narrow down the albums’ best tracks. Whether you love progressive, melodic, uplifting or spiritual music; this album has covered it all. This is 2014’s album of the year.

Out now on iTunes.