Aussie duo DIMES drop monster new EP RAGE [LISTEN]


The Brisbane duo that is DIMES is back with their second EP “RAGE”, suitably named for their collage of flavours and motifs that blend together in a cohesive new sound, not previously explored by the pair before. RAGE asserts itself as a collective of well thought out and yet simplistic idea’s, with a flavour that leans heavily towards a more realistic industrial sound and away from the more typical dubstep hybrid narrative.

“Get What’s Mine” is the introductory track to RAGE, that cleverly sets the pace and tone for the rest of the EP. The collaboration with fellow scene favourite NOY along with rap vocals provided by Kei Leezer is set to be an assured club favourite. The expansive sound and signature accents gives fans what they have come to expect and love from the duo like the signature style of the drop towards the tail end of the song. And yet there is a self restraint to these tropes that does not over shadow the slick verses rapped by Kei Leeza, which in turn allows the track to work as a successful vehicle for the bravado driven lyrics that are sure to please hip hop and trap fans alike.


Rage is the second track on this three part EP, and not only the title track but the stand out song soley created by the duo. This track further explores the duos new sound, skilfully building anticipation with the use of a mixture of organic sounds and clever synths. Rage is a perfect show of the pairs musicality as they employ the use of a curious melody that fills out the purposely less layered moments in the song, giving room for the pair to indulge in a fuller chorus that is a more akin their iconic style, but still remains committed to their new exploration of a clean and minimalistic song structure. A perfect example of the duos ability to use their carefully placed accents as decoration and not a repeated fixture, preventing the initial airiness of the song from being weighed down.

WMTU (or Watch Me Turn Up) is the finale track to RAGE with NZ trap prodigee Dreamer lending an ear to the bones of the song. The song immedielty starts off on a minor tone but doesn’t take long to build into its first zenith, there is a definite groove that speaks to both collaborators talent, the song seems to tease the listener, leaving them wanting more but there is also a rabidness and unrestraint in the way the duo seems to throw all the tricks at you that they’d held back in the tracks previous. This is all evident in the first minute of the song before those ends lead inevitably to the self indulgent first drop and chorus.

As a whole, RAGE works as a well blended piece of art that stays true to its initial narrative, it balances out healthy doses of light and shade that assist the piece in remaining consistent through all three tracks, while allowing them each to stand alone as testaments to the pairs musicality and craftmanship. The EP is not dependent on its collaborations but more so works together as a creative fusion of ideals and disciplines. An assertive piece that brings a macho, competitive presence to the scene that is also quietly humble and self assured, a perfect sophomore offering from one of Brisbanes most prolific home grown talents.

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