Avicii – Stories


The album of the summer has dropped!

Yes the highly anticipated sophomore release by Avicii has hit the shelves and is already topping the charts. Time really does fly. It’s been two years since Avicii released his debut studio album ‘True’ and its great to see the Swede hasn’t stopped working hard on exploring new sounds.

Coming into this album there was always going to be the hardcore Avicii fans who label his new direction as bad, however the songwriting and production he has shown on Stories is unparalleled.

The fourteen track journey shines from end to end. It’s fair to say Avicii shows his maturity throughout Stories, daring to push further outside the boundaries of “EDM” than ever before. The diversity Stories results in is undoubtedly an enjoyable, easy listen.

Tracks like “Ten More Days” depict a raw feeling instead of Avicii’s usual feel-good summer anthems, yet it still maintains his usual electronic style.

The album showcases a ton of feel-good summer anthems with recent single “Waiting for Love”, “Broken Arrows” and “Trouble” all sporting catchy, country-inspired melodies and lyrics that will stay in your head for days. “Pure Grinding” is an almost progressive style trap tuned that’s cut with elements of disco funk thanks to a Midwestern bluesman-turned-rapper and a Swedish pop singer.

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Album standout “Touch Me” slows down the vibe for an intimate respite from the quick start. Perfectly blending a soulful female vocal top line and mellow melodic intermissions, this song does not disappoint. The track assembles an infectious piano house vibe and retro vocals that reflect older works.

Intriguing ballads such as “For A Better Day” and “Somewhere In Stockholm” add a gospel-like feeling to the album by using compelling vocals and pianos to tell stories of staying strong when times get tough.

“Stories” is a perfect example of Avicii’s talent to mix and layer different styles of music. While “Stories” shy’s away from the EDM spectrum, the positive vibes on this record perfectly welcome the summer festive season and older fans shouldn’t be worried; a remix album shouldn’t be too far down the track.


01. Waiting for Love
02. Talk to Myself
03. Touch Me
04. Ten More Days
05. For a Better Day
06. Broken Arrows
07. True Believer
08. City Lights
09. Pure Grinding
10. Sunset Jesus
11. Can’t Catch Me
12. Somewhere in Stockholm
13. Trouble
14. Gonna Love Ya