Avicii – True


Upon starting the first full-length album TRUE from Swedish DJ Avicii (Tim Bergling), you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled on a Mumford & Sons record. Now generally, one would think acoustic guitars and folky vocals would not make an EDM hit, but by around 1.5 minutes into Wake Me Up you are left in utter surprise.

As Avicii builds these tracks around more traditional song structures from a myriad of genres, the album delivers so many surprising moments.

By surprise we mean Hey Brother continues the Mumford & Sons meets EDM sound; Lay Me Down uses disco as its groundwork; Shame On Me brings to mind classic swing and Addicted to You resembles Adele. But that’s only how they start!

When Avicii’s soaring synth leads take over, we’re launched headlong into ecstatic tuneful electro house. It’s funny to say this but TRUE plays almost like an album of awesome remixes, except that these dozen songs are all originals.

Each track can easily be released as a single due to the solid, traditional song structure and catchy hooks.

EDM doesn’t always lend itself to full albums that make you sit down and listen to intently all the way through. These are songs for dancing, for dropping into a DJ’s playlist. And in that context, they’re a TRUE breath of fresh air.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding this album with many saying its too ahead of time, but one thing for sure is that whatever direction Tim Bergling is heading in we like it!