BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe Interviews Eric Prydz [Listen]


Eric Prydz has a long and lasting reach on modern dance music. Establishing himself as one of the worlds most renowned electronic music artists, the Swedish producer is one of the hardest working artists in the game. Releasing music under his aliases Cirez D and Pryda, Eric Prydz is known for his signature sounds in the world of techno and progressive club anthems.

Well known for his iconic pop hit Call On Me, Prydz has progressed into one of the leading dance music performers selling out arenas with his groundbreaking hologram shows and dominating the world’s biggest festival stages. BBC Radio 1’s Zane Low caught up with the Swedish superstar to talk everything from his fear of flying to Pryda Records, the Hologram shows and more.

During the interview Prydz was questioned about his sheer amount of unreleased music to which he revealed “I make music I feel is missing in my record box, so I never really have a plan to release a lot of the music I make…the only thing I focus on is there and then”.

When discussing his monster hit Pjanoo, the Swede revealed he trialed and tested the track two years prior to its release with the track being a called a “flop” at his live shows. Prydz then described his process of creating music saying “There is no recipe to writing a hit record, a record could be a hit now or two months ago…or in the next two years, if people are going to be ready, if the stars are going to align… don’t try to make a commercial hit record, just do what ever you feel like and every now and then it’s going to happen.”

As a producer who is known for his incredible production and melodic arrangements, Lowe added it’s an impressive feat when Prydz disclosed he has had no classical music training and “one or two piano lessons, when I was about ten years old”.

When talking the touring side of things, Prydz sheds light on fear of flying revealing he can’t deal with small planes and jets, but over the years has become more comfortable on larger transatlantic planes including the A380.

With the return of Swedish House Mafia, Zane Lowe asked Eric on his thoughts on whether their return can kick-start something on a large scale to which he replied “it’s always hard for a super successful band or group that takes a break for five years and comeback… obviously they have their previous fans, but to do what they did the first time again, you need to gather new fans, but what are the old fans going to say if you turn up and play a show of nothing that they remember from before… it’s a hard one”.

Listen to the full interview online now below!

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