Benny Benassi Returns With ‘Everybody Hates Monday Mornings’ Music Video

Since its release just 2 weeks ago, veteran and dance legend, Benny Benassi & BB Team have already caused quite the stir with their most relatable yet, ‘Everybody Hates Monday Mornings’. Now releasing the follow up music video, featuring the vocalist of the track and YouTube English tutoring sensation, Canguro English, ‘Everybody Hates Monday Mornings’ is brought to life to accurately annotate how most people feel after a weekend of raving.

‘Everybody Hates Monday Mornings’ is an all-round feel good, uplifting tune which pairs the Canguro English’s humourous ‘Hangover’ movie style lyrics to mark yet another magnificent addition to Benny’s catalogue of releases. With a fusion of bumpy synths and warping basslines, this futuristic electro-house jam takes a spin on modern dance music when the world is in need of a smile.

Since his explosion into the scene with global smash, ‘Satisfaction’, Benny Benassi’s has been nothing shy of success. His debut track achieved a #1 in France and #2 in Germany and the UK, whilst his album Hypnotica made the top 20 in all parts of Europe in less than a month. The DJ and Producer, who later that year landed the title of European Border Breaker Award, has since continued to catapult his way into stardom.

Today, Benny Benassi has graced the stages of some of the most renowned festivals including, Coachella, EDC, Ultra Music Festival and Tomorrowland, all whilst teaming up stars such as T-Pain, Chris Brown and Kelis, remixing Public Enemy’s ‘Bring The Noise’  for a Grammy Award, and let’s not forget Skrillex‘s remix of ‘Cinema’ holding a place in the iTunes top 100 dance chart for 3 years.

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