It seems full albums are the new big thing that’s defining DJs in 2014 and Israeli electronic dance music producer / DJ Borgore has released the long awaited debut LP #NEWGOREORDER.

Returning to his roots, the controversial producer has brought back the bass and NSFW lyrics in plenty.

Upon first listen, tracks like ‘Syrup’ and the infamous ‘Decisions’ assume the dubstep stance, but there is loads of ratchet trap and big room house too. To be frank, it is quite clear that every track was made to destroy dancefloors, and whilst some present calm melodic intros, this is only a precursor to the heavy bass that will ensue.

Running on a solid 128 bpm with great construction through and through are ‘Hate’ and ‘Pinata’ while ‘Be Ourselves’ is a a massive big-room banger with catchy stoner lyrics appearing here and there.

After giving listeners a taste of dubstep, trap and big-room, ‘Kill Them All’ showcases deep house sounds mixed with electro, resulting in a very fresh and original sound.

#NEWGOREORDER plays host to a large roster of collaborators including names such as Miley Cyrus, Dan Farber, Jake Sgarlato and a “Mainstage” remix from Steve Aoki.

There’s many sides to Borgore, but the styles are polarizing his fan base. We hope he begins to head in a less trappy, more innovative direction in the future, but #NEWGOREORDER is undoubtedly worth a listen.


  1. New Gore Order (ft. Malcolm McDowell)
  2. Syrup
  3. Hate (with Dan Farber)
  4. Last Year
  5. Decisions (ft. Miley Cyrus)
  6. Ratchet
  7. Pinata (with Jake Sgarlato)
  8. Be Ourselves
  9. Turn Around (with Dan Farber)
  10. Body And Soul (ft. Yael)
  11. Fame (The Pretty Remix)
  12. Kill Them All (ft. Adi Ulmansky)