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10 Ways to Discover New Music In 2014

Only a few years ago, dance music blogs were focused on discovery and promotion for new artists. Now many have evolved into “online magazines” covering

Why DJs Wear Masks

In the growing industry of Electronic Dance Music, it’s evident more artists than ever before are using masks to enhance their stage show and add

10 Albums To Hear In 2014

The Prodigy It’s been six years since rave kings The Prodigy release the chart-topping Invaders Must Die. For nearly two years now, Liam Howlett, Keith

5 Vegas Clubs You Need To Attend

With more and more people heading to Las Vegas to experience an over-the-top holiday escape, OZ EDM has compiled a list of the clubs you

10 Best Moments Of Ultra Miami 2014

Ultra Music Festival 2014 is officially over, but the memories are still alive. With the UMF live stream breaking records and the event and its

15 Songs to Ease You Into EDM

As the most highly criticized genre in music today, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is often the choice of music discussion which usually ends in an